Hi Friends,

You’re here because:

  • You are smart, driven and capable and yet addressing this one issue in your life feels beyond you, OR
  • You are heartsick of dieting, and yet heartsick of being overweight, OR
  • You are tired of hating your body, OR
  • You want lose weight but so far your attempts to reach – and stay – at your goal weight have been unsuccessful, OR
  • You have recently lost weight and are now finding it a struggle to keep it off…, OR
  • You are too demoralized from previous attempts to reach your goal weight to even start another weight loss journey

I get it and I can help

Mother. Sister. Daughter. Cousin. Friend. Adventurer. Writer. Marketer. Strategist. COACH.

Yes, you’re thinking all that’s great…what you really want to know is, am I qualified to help you lose weight? Will I “get” you?


I had a diet history that read like the who’s who in the weight loss industry. At one point, I was convinced Weight Watchers had a log of every time I had joined and quit. (And that they had a judgment about me!)  I tried more diets than Oprah.  And nothing worked. I gained more weight. I lived a pretty quiet safe little life, and when I wasn’t trying NOT to listen to myself, my constant thought was “What is wrong with me?”

When I found the tools taught at The Life Coach School everything made sense.  I learned what I would’ve said years ago as impossible — how to love myself at the weight I was, and how to really hear my thoughts – my terrible, shame-filled thoughts- about my body.  It was when I began to stop judging my body (and myself) that change began to happen.  It was not overnight, but it was – it IS – the sweetest of journeys.  I began to chose the foods that fueled me, embraced exercise, and stepped out of my self-created dark place and into the light – the light in Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the light of a European Christmas – and the embraced special events liked weddings and high school reunions without fear of what I looked like, or caring what people might think. It was, in short, a dramatic turnaround.  I am free of all those shame-based, defeating thoughts that plagued me since I was a kid. I am strong, happy, and free.

Today I am a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach who is passionate about helping other smart, savvy women who have similar struggles with their weight. I started this business because too many of us let our struggles with weight define who we are, how (and sometimes whether) we participate in life.  Too many of us believe if we could get to weight X that life would be better.  I want to show you life can be what you want it to be TODAY. And yes, you can lose that weight.  Promise.

I primarily work with women in one-on-one coaching sessions or small groups via phone to teach them these amazing tools. If you need someone who can simply listen and agree with your story, that’s understandable but that’s not what I do here.

If you need someone who will show you yourself from a place of love and teach you how to take responsibility without blaming yourself, create what you want, and make peace with your world, that’s exactly what I do. I have the best job. Ever.

Want to know more about weight loss coaching?  Join me for a free mini-coaching session.  You have so much more to lose than the weight, and so much more to gain than a thinner body.

With love, 


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Ten True Things about Geri

  1. I was born in the UK and have emigrated to the US twice – in 1965 and again in 1993.
  2. Before becoming a coach, my favorite job was working as an assistant editor in illustrated non-fiction in Random House.
  3. I hired my first life coach in 1999. I was stuck in so many ways and in six months, my life was totally different.
  4. My favorite place in the world is a tiny town named Kinghorn in Scotland right on the coast of Fife, across from Edinburgh.
  5. I am half way through writing a novel about Mary, Queen of Scots.
  6. I’m a figure skating mom. I burst with pride whenever my daughter takes the ice in that beautiful, difficult, athletic sport.
  7. I never (ever) wanted a dog, but when I caved in and brought Shamrock into our lives, my heart expanded. Love my little Havanese puppy more than I ever imagined.
  8. I live in Madison, WI – my adopted hometown. I’m an alumnus of the fabulous Madison West High (Regents Reign).
  9. I have a BSc in Economics and International Relations and 30 years of sales and marketing experience for some of the biggest professional service brands in the world.
  10. I ran my first 5K when I was 47.  I was so elated it sparked me to return to skiing.

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